Virginia and Jay 

Stone Tavern Farm, Roxbury, NY


Virginia met Jay through her teammate, Julia Cagney (Jay's sister). Though they had had a rather awkward meeting before, it was at an after-party that they really started to get to know each other. They claim that they "talked nervously and lost at beer pong," but we think that losing at beer pong probably helped the conversation flow. After two years of growing closer through college activities and YouTube videos of funny animals, they moved to New Jersey together. They began riding motorcycles and exploring life. It was on one of their life exploring adventures that Jay proposed, very fittingly, after a long day of riding motorcycles on the East Coast Gypsy Run. Needless to say, Virginia (and Jay!) was overwhelmed by the joy of the moment and the idea of spending life together. These two really let their creative energy flow, helping to weave their dreams and hopeful future together. 

Photography by LOVE + WOLVES CO